Submersible electric pump QS

For water supply from wells or reservoirs For domestic use,for civil and industrial applications For garden and irrigation

Hotline: 0907 111 717

Electricity: 220V, 380V

HP KW VOLT Qmax/Hmax
1 QSD6-15-0.37 1/2HP 0.37KW 220V 9m³/13m 6m³/15m 3m³/17m
2 QSD6-18-0.55 3/4HP 0.55KW 9m³/15m 6m³/18m 3m³/19m
3 QSD6-22-0.75 1.0HP 0.75KW 12m³/16m 9m³/20m 6m³/22m
4 QSD6-25-1.1 1.5HP 1.1KW 12m³/19m 9m³/23m 6m³/25m
5 QSD10-28-1.5 2.0HP 1.5KW 15m³/23m 10m³/28m 7m³/30m
6 QSD10-32-1.9 2.5HP 1.9KW 15m³/26m 10m³/32m 7m³/34m
7 QSD15-32-2.2 3.0HP 2.2KW 20m³/27m 15m³/32m 10m³/34m
8 QSD15-40-3 4.0HP 3.0KW 20m³/34m 15m³/38m 10m³/40m
9 QS15-32-2.2 3.0HP 2.2KW 380V 20m³/26m 15m³/32m 10m³/34m
10 QS15-40-3 4.0HP 3.0KW 20m³/30m 15m³/36m 10m³/39m
11 QS20-40-4 5.5HP 4.0KW 30m³/28m 20m³/40m 15m³/44m
12 QS25-50-5.5 7.5HP 5.5KW 40m³/22m 25m³/48m 15m³/55m
13 QS25-55-7.5 10HP 7.5KW 40m³/48m 25m³/55m 15m³/59m

Flow – Column pressure


For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
For domestic use,for civil and industrial applications.
For garden and irrigation.

Operating conditions

Maxiumum fluid temperature up to +40ºC.
Maximum sand content : 0.1%.

Motor and Pump

Rewindable motor .
Single-phase : 220V- 240V /50Hz.
Three-phase : 380 – 415V /50Hz.
It’s available to equip with floating switch.
Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906..

Options on request

Special mechanical seal.
Other voltages or frequency 60 Hz.