For water supply from wells or reservoirs For domestic use,for civil and industrial applications For garden and irrigation

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Solar water pump also said Solar photovoltaic pumping system,it becomes more and more in recent years has been identified as
sunshine rich region in the word today,especially the lack of electricity in remont areas without electricity the most attractive
means of water supply ,using readily and limitles reserve of solar energy to achieve high efficiency and high reliability of water
supply.Pump automaticto sunrise,sunset and jehiel,and no personnel supervision,maintenance wordload can be minimized,is
the ideal set of economy,reliability,and environmental benefits for the integration of green energy high technology product.

For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
For domestic use,for civil and industrial applications.
For garden and irrigation

Operating conditions
Maxiumum fluid temperature up to +35ºC.
Maximum sand content : 0.25%.
Maximum immersion : 20m.
Minimum well diameter : 4".

Motor and pump
A dc motor or brushless dc motor
Pumps are designed by casing stressed
NEMA dimension standards
Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906